The Pastoral project of the Sacred Hearts School strives for, encourages and promotes living the faith in groups.

There is a whole itinerary, which is spread out into stages, in which any student can become part of a catechesis group from the 3rd year of Primary school until they finish their studies at the school and join the university world:

First communion catechesis:

3rd and 4th year of Primary education

Post-communion catechesis:

5th year of Primary education – 2nd year of Compulsory Secondary education

Youth groups:

3rd year of Compulsory Secondary education

Confirmation catechesis:

4th year of Compulsory Secondary education – 1st year of university


We provide students with a personal path and a group experience where they can look after themselves and mature in their faith.

This is a dynamic process that is adapted to the reality of each student. By living the faith in a group we aim to find the “experience of God”, that is to say, that the individual meets the God of life, who loves each one of us dearly.

This pastoral care available includes searching for a vocational dimension and, therefore, the process of young people must lead to the question: “Lord, what do you want of me?”.

We provide an introduction to the faith experience for the whole cycle of pre-school and primary education: the oratory. Each class is divided up into two groups, once a week in the chapel with their teacher and a priest from the school community. This experience is intended to introduce students to God and prayer.