We support the students in their academic and personal growth through a well-planned bilingual academic programme, which focuses on acquiring the skills of the 21st century that are included in our SSCC Student Profile.

A thorough Tutorial Action Plan

Focused on emotional intelligence, coexistence, academic guidance, as well as the prevention of different addictions and the education for equality and solidarity.

Innovative cooperative methodology

To promote active, independent, responsible and personalised learning, supported by the interdisciplinary projects, the PBL and the use of the ICT.

Student Guidance Department

That supports the work of the tutors and teachers to create an inclusive school.

Special attention is paid to core subjects

with support groups in the first and second years of ESO (compulsory secondary education).

Multidisciplinary bilingual project

That promotes the learning of a second foreign language (French)

Areas for coexistence and learning outside the classroom

complementary activities for the different subjects and field trips.

Collaboration with different institutions

Public and private as support for the teaching and tutorial work (Local Police, City Council of Madrid, different NGOs, etc.).

Colaboración con diferentes instituciones

Públicas y privadas como apoyo a la labor docente y tutorial (Policía Municipal, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, diferentes ONGs, etc).


We give extra help in the core areas with extended hours: Spanish Language, Mathematics and English.

In order to open up more horizons we work on different cross-curricular topics in collaboration with external organisations: Alcohol and Society, Movement against Intolerance, FAD (Drug Addiction Assistance Foundation), Local Police, Minors’ Unit of the Spanish National Police, Associations for Cooperation and Development, etc.

We organise different after-school activities to promote the all-round development of students. Recently we have set up a Drama School and we organise field trips in the second half of the year for students in the 4th year of ESO (compulsory secondary education).

Timetable ESO (compulsory secondary education) academic year 23-24




M-W-F: 8:55 TO 13:00 & TU-TH: 8:55 TO 13:50
L-X-V: 8:55 A 13:50 Y M-J: 8:55 A 12:55
L-M-X: 8:55 A 13:50 Y J-V: 8:00 A 13:50
M-TU: 8:55 TO 13:50 & W-TH-F: 8:00 TO 13:50
M-F: 15:00 TO 16:45
M-F: 15:00 TO 16:45
M-W: 15:00 TO 16:45
M-TU: 15:00 TO 16:45

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