There are fundamental changes in the evolution of the children at this stage.

Responsibility, independence and positive relationships

With a methodology that is based on practical and experimental activities, promoting respect and team work.

Follow-up and close support of the students

We encourage their initiation into the faith, the experience and the celebration of it.

Intellectual, social, emotional and ethical areas

We try to give our students all-round education so that in the future they build a fairer and more charitable society.

Cultivation of intelligence

We give particular importance to the cultivation of intelligence and memory exercises, stimulating expression and communication.

Students' interests

We try and make sure that the learning is related to their personal experiences. We encourage the creativity of their development by improving the quality of their work.

Multiple intelligences

We develop the critical spirit and the multiple intelligences of the students

Our school has opted for bilingual English Primary education.

We work with and for the students so they do their very best. We are always available to listen to the needs and concerns of their families.

Primary timetable

Morning classes


Afternoon classes

Primary Education



12:50 - 14:55




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