Academica Dual Diploma Programme:


As we are aware of the fact that nowadays English is not only an essential communication tool in the world of work, but also in the academic and social world, the main priority of our school when it comes to the education of the students is their plans for studying abroad. At the school we always try and provide a high level of language training, which is why we organise exchange and language immersion programmes.

However we want to take a step further, which is why we introduced the Dual Diploma in the academic year 2016/17 as part of our innovative education programme, which gives our students the opportunity to obtain the Spanish baccalaureate and the American High School Diploma at the same time.

This initiative will be developed through the ACADEMICA DUAL DIPLOMA Programme.

Academica Corporation is an educational institution that is associated with more than 140 North American schools in Florida, Texas, Utah, California, Georgia, etc. The Baccalaureate Dual Diploma programme is based on three main objectives to get the best levels:


The programme combines studying the Spanish baccalaureate in class at our school with the online studying of the subjects needed to get the official American High School Diploma.

This diploma gives the students the same qualifications as the American students from Academica when they finish High School and it is recognised in all the US states and universities.


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