The Iberian Province of the SS.CC. (Sacred Hearts) has drawn up this Code of Ethics on behaviour and programme in line with the law to express its commitment to its own objectives and the personal and social environment where it carries out its work, so that it inspires all the specific activities that it carries out, which are fulfilled by the people associated with the Sacred Hearts School, who help out in these activities in any way.

The Code of Ethics or the Code of Conduct of the Iberian Province of the Sacred Hearts presents the ethical standards that govern us in our Province in an orderly manner. In its drafting, it rests on the Holy Scripture, the rules of the Church, the Constitutions of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts and the tradition of the Church and that of the Congregation

First of all the Code affects the priests of the Sacred Hearts that are members of the Iberian Province. Furthermore, it must guide the behaviour and be respected by everyone who is involved in the mission of the Province: workers, collaborators and volunteers from the schools, parishes and other places where the Province carries out its mission. It must also be respected by people belonging to companies and organisations with which the Iberian Province builds partnerships, signs agreements and gets involved in other types of collaborative work.