Whistleblowing channel

Whistleblowing channel Policy

The Sacred Hearts School has set up a whistleblowing channel mainly to prevent regulatory non-compliances and to correct those that have already been detected, whereby the confidentiality and indemnity of the whistleblower is guaranteed. The procedure is governed by the terms established in the Code of Ethics of the Congregation of Sacred Hearts. It is available for the public to read on our website: www.colegiosscc.es. It has an email address: colegio@colegiosscc.es. Statistics about the use of the whistleblowing channel will be recorded annually. The right to privacy and the confidentiality of the personal data included in the report will be guaranteed. To this end, the files will be assigned a reference number that will be used to work on the case, so that it can be guaranteed that it is impossible to identify the whistleblowers. All the reports received shall be analysed and processed in accordance with the provisions established in the Code of Ethics. The staff in charge shall process the reports made, in line with the established procedure and keeping, insofar as it is possible, the information about the report confidential. Initially they shall start analysing it to determine their competence in the matter that has been reported. If they decide that they are not competent to deal with the case in question, the whistleblower shall be informed of this in writing. The staff in charge can start an internal inquiry, if they think this is appropriate, and as long as they uphold the rights of the interested parties. The people in charge shall issue a report with all the details of the work done, as well as the proven facts, give their opinion on the matter and suggest the action that should be taken. The decision shall be sent to the interested parties. Those involved in any part of the whistleblowing procedure and the investigation into this assume the obligation to keep any information that they have access to as a result of their involvement in the process, secret, whatever it is. The infringement of the provisions established herein might be severely punished