Our language enhancement programme also includes the chance to sit internationally recognised prestigious exams.

Our School gives our students the chance to study for and sit exams in other languages, as well as English.

English exams

The CEFRL has six levels that start off with the A1 (basic beginner) to C2 (the highest level of proficiency).

As an Examination Centre, our students get beneficial prices and the convenience of being able to sit the exams at our school. At the moment our students sit the following levels of exams:

  • 1st. YLE Starters
  • 2nd. YLE Movers
  • 3rd. YLE Flyers
  • 4th. KET
  • 5th. PET
  • 6th. FCE
  • 7th. ADVANCED

French exams

The Delf exams are the official exams from the French Ministry of Education. Students are awarded a “diplôme”, which is valid indefinitely.

Chinese exams

Asia Idiomas The YCT (Young Learners Chinese Test ) is one of the three official Chinese exams. It is intended for students of Primary and Secondary education whose native language is not Chinese. The are different levels in the YCT (YCT Level 1, YCT Level 2, YCT Level 3 and YCT Level 4).

This exam certifies the oral and written level of the Chinese language required to prove the level of the language at any Chinese academic institution.