The success of the implementation and development of our Method is guaranteed through an academic assistance service at the schools, teacher training and the support of a digital platform.

With the Amco Method the students learn a second language with the same spontaneity as that with which they learned their first language.


Educational fundamentals

  • Theory of the Generating Voice, language immersion
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Multiple intelligences

Didactic Fundamentals

  • Active methodologies: meaningful learning (work with pre and post activities), constructive and cooperative: project based learning (PBL).
  • Communicative methodologies: practical curriculum, communicative skills approach.

Teaching strategies

  • Cyclical content sequencing
  • Daily routines
  • English as a tool: CLIL approach
  • Auditory discrimination
  • Thinking skills
  • Visual support: use of mental maps and graphic organisers.